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Me Before You

Chapter 705

Anna has seen her work before. Although she was not particularly popular, her acting was very good.

Anna was a kind of common girl who can’t help screaming when she sees a star. Now she was called so respectfully by an actor. Obviously, she was flattered.

"He’s busy with his work. In the future, there will be a chance."

As Daniel Taylor’s wife, Anna did not want others to know her relationship with Daniel Taylor. But… She would be happy to take her man out and let others know him as Anna Stark’s husband.

Robin Johnson was on the side, listening to them, searching the name of Grace on the Internet with her mobile phone, and seeing the profile of Grace. He finally came to know that she has published a book.

What’s more, it was a very popular book.

He couldn’t help but look at Anna more.

This little girl seemed so humble. He didn’t expect that she had her own small world on the Internet.

Most importantly, she wrote a book about her story with Daniel Taylor, which was impressive.

No wonder Daniel loved her so much.

Your own woman wrote yours and her story into a book. Even this thought is enough romantic.


After dinner, Robin Johnson sent Anna back. While driving, he looked at Anna. "I didn’t expect. But you’re really excellent!"

"Still need to work harder." Anna was used to people seeing herself with such a surprising attitude.

Because as long as she was around Daniel Taylor, everyone only look at her with the identity of Daniel Taylor’s wife. The people who came here today just didn’t know that she had something to do with Daniel Taylor, so they pursued her and praised her.

Robin Johnson smiled, "when will you give me a signed book of yours, Miss great writer?"

"I’m not a great writer.copy right hot novel pub