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Me Before You

Chapter 704

She thought and felt that in comparison her sir is the best!

He is a unique person in the world.

Apart from her, Daniel Taylor didn’t look at other women at all. Even the secretaries in the office of his company were mostly married women, unlike some bosses, who prefer young girls at their workplace.

A dark heart - Anna’s few words made Robin Johnson frown.

He really had a dark heart. So, when Anna said this, he felt the pain, but he did not speak and stood aside.

The elevator arrived soon, and they went to a restaurant.

There were several people who had an appointment. They were the first to arrive. The head of the film and television company was talking to Robin Johnson. Anna sat beside Ryan Asher and listened to their chat.

Robin Johnson seemed to be stimulated by Anna’s words. So, he didn’t talk to Anna.

Soon, some other people came. One of them was a friend of Ryan Asher, who was especially in charge of Anna’s project. He had organized this dinner.

He came over and shook hands with Ryan Asher. "Sorry, I’m late."

His eyes fell on Anna. "Is this Madam Grace? Finally, I got the chance to see the real person. I doesn’t expect that she is such a beautiful woman.copy right hot novel pub