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Me Before You

Chapter 697

If brother-in-law come to know that they had helped Robert Peter and Eliza so much in the middle, he would hate them.

Anna silently served the dishes to Daniel Taylor.

Daniel Taylor looked at Anna's dishes and took a surprise look at her. Anna smiled and continued to eat her own meal.

Daniel Taylor took her hand quietly.

Jack Smith was on the side, looking at the two people who were showing off their love. He didn't know how to describe it, he was speechless.

Mother Taylor looked at Jack Smith and said, "Jack, I remember you are thirty, aren't you?"

"Well, yes." Jack Smith nodded his head.

Mother Taylor said, "do you have a girlfriend?"

"... Not yet." He was 30, but he felt very young and didn't want to find a girlfriend to control him.

Mother Taylor laughed, "You should find one."

As the only bachelor, Jack Smith no longer wanted to talk.

At this age, everyone around him was married. He was under a lot of pressure. The point was that Daniel Taylor, who has never been interested in women, now made him feel jealous all the day.copy right hot novel pub