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Me Before You

Chapter 686

He’s shameless!

Daniel Taylor looked at Robin Johnson and gently pushed his hand away from him.

Robin Johnson, "..."

He looked at Anna's serious face and joked, "You’re very possessive!"

"Husband, he's annoying." Anna held Daniel Taylor's arm and said provocatively.

Robin Johnson looked at her and felt she has the ability to create disasters.

The engagement ceremony soon began. The host spoke on the stage. Anna stood beside Daniel Taylor and saw Isabella Brown being taken on the stage.

She was forced to stand beside her father and listen to his words, saying that she would marry Simon Wallner. Simon Wallner stood by and looked at her happily.

Even a group of hecklers ask them to kiss in public. After all, it was an engagement.

"Kiss her! Kiss her!" Hearing this, Simon Wallner without politeness held the shoulders of Isabella Brown. He lowered his head and was about to kiss Isabella Brown's beautiful face.

When Isabella Brown and Daniel Taylor were together, they never kissed each other.

That day, she tried to kiss Robin Johnson, and he finally dodged. It was her first kiss, but unexpectedly she had to give it to such a person as Simon Wallner.

When Simon Wallner bowed her head and kissed her, Isabella Brown could not bear it anymore, and coldly avoided it. However, even so, Simon Wallner kissed her face.

A nauseous feeling came out. She covered her chest and almost spited it out in public. She pushed aside Simon Wallner and ran off the stage.

In everyone's eyes, she was shy.

Simon Wallner was standing on the stage, happily, just now his lips touched her face. The soft touch made him fascinated.copy right hot novel pub