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Me Before You

Chapter 687

Leaving the hall, Isabella Brown pushed him away. "Let go!"

"Isn't it humiliating enough? The noisier you are, the more disgraceful you will be."

Those people couldn't talk in front of her, but they will talk more about her behind her back, and even spread out what she did in a more exaggerated way.

Isabella Brown said, "Don’t you want to see me like this? It's too late to pretend to be a good man!"

If Robin Johnson has agreed to marry her, all things will not be like this. He didn't marry her, but now he came to her to pretend like a good man?

Robin Johnson looked at her. He helplessly raised the corners of his mouth and said, "Fine."

Of course, it was impossible for him to marry her.

He just didn't want to see her as a clown in front of everyone. But he didn't expect her to be ungrateful.

"Robbie." Seeing that he was going to leave, Isabella Brown hurriedly put her arms around him from behind. "I love you. I used to be blind. I didn't know you were good to me. I will only love you. Would you take me away? Take me out of here. I really don't want to be with that man."

She felt sick and nauseous just because she was kissed.

She couldn't imagine how she would spend her whole life with the Simon Wallner.

Robin Johnson looked at the hand around his waist. "My parents won't agree, and I don't want to marry you."

In the past he had feelings for Isabella Brown, but at that time he could not betray his relationship with Daniel Taylor for Isabella Brown. Now he even can’t think of that, it will be like betraying his family for Isabella Brown, and make his father disappointed.

Robin Johnson used to be ridiculous. His father only liked Daniel Taylor.

However, since Daniel Taylor was injured, his status has changed dramatically.copy right hot novel pub