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Me Before You

Chapter 677

She turned and looked at Isabella Brown, "Well, think about it. It’s your right age to marry. Anyway, it's impossible to marry Daniel Taylor, so you'd better find someone else to marry."

Isabella Brown, "..."

She didn't expect her mother to change her statement in just a few seconds…

She wished she could bump her head somewhere.

Mother Brown sat down and coaxed seriously, "don't worry. Mom will find a good man for you. By the way, didn't you and Robbie have a good time before? I remember he likes you. If you can marry him, it will be great. After all, he is no worse than Daniel Taylor."

Hearing that her mother wanted her to marry Robin Johnson, Isabella Brown didn’t refuse.

With this idea in mind, mother Brown directly called Robin Johnson.

"Brother, he said he would come to see me. Why hasn't he come?" Robin Johnson was in Eliza's room, and Eliza was pestering him by asking him about Robert Peter.

The phone rang.

Robin Johnson answered the phone and heard a woman's voice, "Robbie."

"Who is it?" He didn’t have this number, there was a strange voice that made him frown.

Mother Brown said with a smile, "it's me, Isabella's mother."

Isabella Brown?

Robin Johnson rubbed his eyebrows. "Yes, is there anything?"

"No, there isn’t. I just miss you. I wonder if you are free to drop by my house?" Mother Brown was also embarrassed to open her mouth directly.copy right hot novel pub