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Me Before You

Chapter 676

Daniel Taylor asked her to have a rest, and he took his laptop to do some work and accompany her here.

Anna was sleepy, but she didn't feel sleepy after lying in bed. She looked into Daniel Taylor's caring eyes, and she was somewhat embarrassed. "I don't seem to be particularly sleepy."

It was just that she was in her periods, so she felt more trying than usual. Now that her body was relaxed, her brain was free and she didn't want to sleep.

After hearing Anna's words, Daniel Taylor turned his head and continued to look at his computer.

Anna held a pillow and quietly looked at the man who was busy working. At the thought that he actually tried to kill Isabella Brown in order to stand for her, she felt a little sweet. She knew that in many places, she wasn’t comparable to Isabella Brown, but at least in his eyes, she was much more important than Isabella Brown.

Compared with the tranquility here, the situation in the ward was the opposite.

Isabella Brown sat on the bed with a circle of gauze around her neck.

She was the only daughter of the Brown family. Her parents loved her very much. She had never been bullied since childhood.

But they never expected that Daniel Taylor would dare to strangle her like a madman.

Just thinking about his expression at that time, she was extremely upset.

She cried bitterly and looked at her mother, "Mom."

"Sweetheart." Her mother was very distressed. She was not home today and unexpectedly this kind of thing happened.copy right hot novel pub