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Me Before You

Chapter 669

The nurse looked at Anna with a complicated expression, as if Anna was really an unfilial daughter.

Anna didn’t explain, and said, "We need to change the ward."

This VIP ward was arranged by Isabella Brown. If she really let her mother live here, she didn’t know what will happen next.

If the Brown family mentions it somewhere, Anna will really feel shameless.

"No, how can you change it? Someone has paid for it." Anna’s mother refused.

She was living here happily and didn’t want to change back to the normal ward.

Of course, the nurse didn’t want to be bothered. Moreover, Miss Brown advised them to take good care of this patient. She said to Anna, "it’s not so easy to change the ward, and the cost has already been paid."

Anna chuckled and her eyes became domineering. She looked at the nurse and understood that she didn’t pay attention to her words because she only cared about Miss Brown.

"Really? To change the ward for the patient, this hospital doesn’t even need the opinions of the family members? Has anyone in our family agreed to this?"

The nurse was petrified. Isabella Brown arranged this. At that time, their families were not present, but the patient herself agreed.

But now…

Anna directly threatened, "if you don’t change this ward, I will speak to the management. At that time I would see if it’s your hospital or me who will suffer."

Organized disruption of healthcare facilities or verbal and physical abuse of medical staff, obviously, no hospital would like to see this kind of thing.

After all, it will only damage the reputation of their hospital.

It may be because Anna was too confident and strong, it made the nurse’s momentum weaken. She said, "I’ll talk to them."

The nurse said and went out.

Anna turned around and looked at her mother. "If you make trouble for me again, I promise I won’t see you again.copy right hot novel pub