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Me Before You

Chapter 668

As she spoke, she immediately felt very righteous. In her heart, there wasn’t even a touch of uneasiness or any kind of guilt.

Anna looked at her mother. "What is a rotten ward? Is that ward rotten? What do you think you belong to a rich noble? It was a big thing to let you stay in the hospital for so many days. That money was also Aiden’s bonus of winning points in this competition."

In the past, her mother used to think that it was a waste of money to see a doctor. But this time she was so provoked by Isabella Brown that she began to dislike that ward. Anna wanted to praise Miss Brown.

Although the conditions in that ward were not as good as those in the VIP ward, only the people who stayed here in the night, suffering on these chairs. She was lying on the bed calmly.

Anna just thought that it will be unnecessary to waste money like this. Aiden Stark also thought so. After all, their conditions were in front of them, so there was no need to live in the VIP ward.

But she didn’t expect to be rejected by my mother.

Anna’s mother said, "Yes! Have you thought about giving your mother some money? You never thought about it. Anyways, I don’t care now. That girl said to me, as long as you leave Daniel Taylor, she will give me a house. You don’t want to give it to me, she will give it! From now on, I don’t want to see you around Taylors."

She was in a commanding tone.

Anna doubted whether she is a daughter or a slave in her eyes?

It was more than obvious that she didn’t love her like people love their daughters, but she still wanted to control everything.

Anna said, "I’ll make my own decisions. You can’t control me! Even if you take the money of that woman, I’ll stay with Daniel Taylor in the future. You can see how that woman will deal with you."

"Anna!" her mother stared at Anna.

She found that Anna’s face was very cold, and there seemed a kind of heavy pressure on her.copy right hot novel pub