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Me Before You

Chapter 607

Therefore, even if Isabella Brown broke up with Daniel Taylor and left him, aunt's attitude towards Isabella Brown has not changed.

Robin Johnson didn't want to say anything bad about Isabella Brown. He just explained, "I had some guests with me last night."

"Which guests are so important?" Mrs. Clinton frowned discontentedly. "You didn’t even think about your aunt?"

Robin Johnson smiled and said, "I didn't know that Miss Brown would come to you to complain, so I was negligent. Don't be angry with me."

His tone was relaxed, however, the irony was obvious. It was obvious that Isabella Brown came here to accuse him.

Isabella Brown was petrified. She heard the hidden irony in Robin Johnson’s tone, and for a while her face was worried.

She whispered, "I didn't complain, but last night, I couldn't come back, so I asked godmother to pick me up."

"That's funny." Robin Johnson sneered, "Is Miss Brown a child. She can't even book a cab?"

Deliberately asked someone to pick her up, and also said that she didn't want to complain?

"Cab?" Mrs. Clinton interrupted, "She’s a girl. If she took a cab in the middle of the night. How dangerous it might be? Some days ago, there was news like that on the Internet. Can you take it easy?"

In a word, it's just Robin Johnson’s mistake. He left Isabella Brown alone in the night. Isabella Brown is so beautiful.copy right hot novel pub