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Me Before You

Chapter 608

Seeing Daniel Taylor doting on Anna like this, the expression on her face was stiff.

If Daniel Taylor was still in a wheelchair, Isabella Brown would never mind seeing him treating Anna so well.

However, Daniel Taylor has recovered. He can walk. He clearly had good conditions to find a better woman, but he still doted on Anna, which made Isabella Brown feel uncomfortable.

In Isabella Brown’s mind only excellent women worth the best men of this world, and Anna…

If she will let Anna and Daniel Taylor stayed together, it will be like wasting natural resources recklessly!

Does Anna know how excellent Daniel Taylor used to be?

Does she know how many women want to marry that Daniel Taylor?

Why! Anna, who is not excellent at all, can get the favor of having Daniel Taylor just because of her good luck?

Especially, when Daniel Taylor introduced Anna to his friends, even those friends of Daniel Taylor regarded Anna as a treasure, which was the most unbearable thing for Isabella Brown.

After all, this glory once belonged to her.

She came over, "Daniel."

As Anna saw Aunt Isabella, the litchi in her hand, in a second, seemed to become insipid.

She sat beside Daniel Taylor, watching Isabella Brown defensively.

Daniel Taylor didn't make a sound but continued to peel litchi for Anna. Isabella Brown sat down on the sofa beside them and looked at Daniel Taylor, who ignored her, and said, "You really want to take Anna to see the old chief?"

Daniel Taylor raised his head and looked at her. "Does it have anything to do with Miss Brown?"

Isabella Brown said with a friendly smile, "I'm just afraid that you haven't thought about it for a while and you are going to do something that you will regret later. You have recovered now. Your legs are fine. The old chief is very happy, and I also heard that he intended to let you come back to the army. Tell me, if you take Anna to meet the old chief at this time. How disappointed he must be to see you with such a woman?"

Anna listened to Isabella Brown's words. Fuck me! What does Aunt Isabella mean?

Is she so bad?

Why should the old chief be disappointed when he sees her?

Well, although she is not perfect enough to be loved by everyone she didn't want to admit that she is as bad as Aunt Isabella demonstrated.copy right hot novel pub