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Me Before You

Chapter 598

Recently, Robin Johnson has heard about what happened in Jingzhou. He was not stupid enough to not guess why those things happened in the Brown family and the losses that The Brown Enterprise has suffered. He knew it very well.

Last time Isabella Brown specially came to see him, the meaning was obvious.

Unexpectedly, Daniel Taylor recovered, and she immediately ran to Daniel Taylor again.

He knew that Isabella Brown took him as a spare tire, and he immediately felt very ironic.

Even dared to use the young master of the Johnson family as a spare tire, this woman really seemed courageous.

Isabella Brown’s face was stiff, and she couldn’t pretend for a second. Next second, she smiled and pretended to be sad and said, "It’s just I suddenly saw some previous photos and thought of things when I was with Daniel. Now that he's divorced, I wonder if it's possible for him and me to be together again."

As she spoke, it seemed she wanted to go back to Daniel Taylor, just because she couldn't forget her long-lost love.

If it was in the past, Robin Johnson would believe her story.

But now… Impossible!

He smiled and said, "are you sure you think of the past, rather than see him standing up?"

Everyone in the circle knew why she dumped Daniel Taylor, everyone was angry and Daniel Taylor’s friends, all the soldiers here were even angrier, and they didn’t talk less behind her back about her ingratitude.

It's just that this thing had become a matter of past, and all of them were mature men. They were generous enough to not recall the past. That’s why when Isabella Brown shamelessly came here today, no one embarrassed her to drive her away.

But, Isabella Brown took all this for granted, as if they all still liked her very much.

After hearing the taunt in his tone, there was some grievance in Isabella Brown's eyes, "Robbie, in your eyes, am I such a person?"

Her hypocritical appearance made Robin Johnson have an ironic smile on his face.

Now looking at her like this, he only felt that his youth had been fed to the dog, that he even liked such a woman for so many years.

He said, "I don't know what kind of a person you are, but it's impossible for you to be with Daniel. Because he said he would bring his girlfriend here today."

"Girlfriend?" Upon hearing Daniel Taylor's girlfriend, Isabella Brown became alert.

Last time she heard Daniel Taylor saying that he has a girlfriend, but she didn't believe it.copy right hot novel pub