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Me Before You

Chapter 599

A 5.4 feet tall girl, with red rosy lips and white teeth, extremely white dazzling skin, dressed brilliantly, according to age looked very young, was standing elegantly beside Daniel Taylor.

Robin Johnson's eyes fell on Anna. Her eyes were clear. At the first moment when he saw her, he said in his mind, "a lost little rabbit."

She was not like Isabella Brown. At first sight, Isabella Brown gave people a dazzling feeling. But this girl gives people a comfortable and pleasant feeling.

They can see that this girl was different from the girls they have seen in the past.

Those girls, all of them were like the delicate flowers of the best garden.

But Anna didn’t give such a feeling.

They aura attached to her personality was deep and extremely impressive.

"Brother Danny, long time no see." The soldiers used to call Daniel Taylor, brother Danny.

Since his accident and his return to Jingzhou, he has broken off the relationship with everything here. Several times, they wanted to visit him in Jingzhou but they were stopped by Robin Johnson. Because at that time Daniel Taylor really didn't want to meet anyone.

Now they were happy to see him again.

They just felt that their proud brother has come back!

Daniel Taylor smiled, "long time no see."

Two people came up and gave Daniel Taylor a hug, just like the old lost lover, "Man! We missed you so much."

Seeing this kind of scene, Robin Johnson can't stand it. "Enough of you, his girlfriend is still around."

They didn't know Anna's identity. They have heard that Daniel Taylor was divorced, but no one has seen his wife.copy right hot novel pub