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The CEO’s Surrogate Wife

Chapter 4 Three Babies A Play

Chapter 4 Three Babies A Play

After all the arrangements were made, Lisa and Miya sat in the living room. Both children went to the bedroom to play computer games.

Miya knew that Lisa was worried about her, but all her things can only be stuck in her heart. Once she says them out, she is likely to lose the two children. Thus, she can't say anything.

“You haven’t seen your Dad, have you? He was sent to jail for owing too much money” Lisa’s face was more serious than before. David came to ask her for Miya’s whereabouts, but she really didn’t know it and won’t told him if she know about it. He brought too much disaster to Miya, isn’t that enough?

A paleness overspread Miya’s small face and indifference in charged later. When she gave her father five billion six years ago, she told him that they were no longer father and daughter and she would find out her mother. It is him who repelled her mother from home. But she felt unknow heartache when she heard that he was sent to jail.

“You will go and see him.” Lisa knew Miya a lot. She knew Miya is actually a filial girl and would have an enterprise future if not for her father’s fault.

Miya tightened her mouth unconsciously, and her face paled.

“I’ll try to find a job tomorrow, and this thing for another day.” Miya even not said a word of father. Perhaps she felt totally desperate toward him.

Lisa looked at Miya and wanted to ask some information of the children. But there was a refusal on her face that she would tell nothing.

Lisa signed and let go the thought. You needn’t ask for it if she wants to tell you, and if not, nothing can help, Lisa thought.

In the morning, the sun shined brightly.

“Mommy, what’s this school? Why are the students dressed so noble?” Joey looked at the brilliant school and couldn’t help to ask for the reason.copy right hot novel pub