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The CEO’s Surrogate Wife

Chapter 13 what’s the trick?

Chapter 13 what’s the trick?

Bess’s eyes glimmered, and she decided to start with these two children.

“Wow, this sister’s eyesight looks dreadful, is she always looking at others like that? If so, there must be nobody like her.” Joey couldn’t help asking when she suddenly felt a piecing eyesight falling to her.

Lisa was shocked when she noticed Bess, who was determined to marry Alex as the only child of Bella’s group, but she despised her arrogance.

“She envied little Joey’s beauty. Let’s go home. Your mommy was sent to home by that uncle.”

Lisa said and laughed as she pulled these two children away. But her heart has been entangled with the matter of Miya, whether she should tell her brother about these things or not.

After a struggle with her mind, she decided not to told her brother. Miya could only pray for herself since she offended Alex.

“Aunt Lisa, who’s the jerk uncle?” Ben suddenly asked, he always thought the man was so similar to him and maybe they could find their father.

Lisa looked at Ben, wondering why did he ask this question. Did he want to take avenge on Alex?

"The jerk uncle in your mouth has a strong background. When you see him in the future, you should hide away from him, preferably as far as you can, and the best is you don’t meet him." Lisa expressed her views on Alex. She usually hides when she sees Alex that that man is more terrible than her brother.

Ben nodded thoughtfully, but he was thinking that he could see Alex again.

Miya was forcibly thrown into the car. Her buttocks were hit again. What bad luck was her buttocks? was it because today's money was not spent? and it was going to suffer a disaster then?

“Mr. president? Would you pay me overtime fee as you take me away forcibly?” Miya suddenly asked as if she would give him a good face as long as she was paid overtime.copy right hot novel pub