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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 99: A Quarrel Between Vicky And Lynn

Summer was more confused, "What happened?"

She grabbed his arm and left the company, since it was not a suitable place to talk.

As Leonardo was tall, he could easily follow Summer. He walked out of the company with a relaxed expression.

"What happened?" Summer asked him again after leaving the Jarrett Group.

It was strange that "Douglas" came to her suddenly.

The man observed her carefully instead of answering her.

Summer had cried, and Leonardo found that her eyes were swollen and red.

Why did she cry?

He narrowed his eyes, failing to imagine how she would cry, especially when she was in the Jarrett Group.

Would she cry due to Lynn?

After a few seconds, Leonardo said, "I came here, for I passed by, and you should treat me to dinner."

With an annoying attitude.

However, as "Douglas" had saved her, Summer would satisfy his demand as long as it was normal.

Summer took him to a restaurant far away from the company, where they wouldn't encounter her colleagues.

In the restaurant, Summer could tell he was dissatisfied with it, although he remained silent.

In fact, Summer was able to understand him.

As being wealthy, he was used to going to Golden Cauldron Club, or somewhere else like it.

However, it was him who asked her to treat him. Although he didn't like eating here, it was expensive for Summer.

Summer involuntarily touched her wallet with sadness.

When Leonardo noticed it, he couldn't help smiling. He knew she was poor.

But it was funny to take advantage of her.

When the waiter came over, Summer asked "Douglas" to order, "Take a look at the menu."

"Douglas" opened the menu and ordered three dishes soon.

Summer knew they were signature dishes of the restaurant, which must be expensive.

Ending up ordering a soup, he looked up at Summer and asked seriously, "Have I ordered too much?"

Summer shook her head and said, "No...."

She remembered when she had a meal with others and him at Golden Cauldron Club, they ordered a lot of dishes.

Leonardo nodded in agreement, "I'll continue to order."

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