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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 98: Summer's Performance

As Summer spoke, she paid attention to Lynn's expression.

When she mentioned the black card, Lynn felt guilty.

Summer was angry about it.

However, it was too late.

When seeing Summer's fear, Lynn was in a dilemma, "Can't you hide the black card from him?"

Even so, Lynn didn't want to return the card.

Summer pretended to be more scared.

As it was painful with her pinching the legs, tears started streaming down her face.

Summer said with tears in her eyes, "I have borrowed the black card from Leonardo and have to give it back. Even if I don’t tell him the truth, he will know from others...."

As if something scary occurred to her, Summer cried even louder, "He is so terrible when he is furious...."

Until now did Summer know that she was good at crying.

She could try to become an actress.

Lynn was upset hearing her crying. In fact, he pretended to be nice as he wanted to ask for help from Summer.

"Stop crying!" Lynn roared.

As soon as he scolded, Summer stopped crying and burped.

The disdain flashed across Lynn's eyes. In his view, no matter how pretty Summer was, she was a fool.

Beyond his imagination, Leonardo lent the black card to Summer instead of giving it to her. He thought Leonardo had fallen in love with her.

Summer was embarrassed as well. But she couldn’t help crying.

Considering for a while, Lynn asked, "What if I find the black card?"

"Can you find it?"

Summer was surprised and then turned to be upset, "How can you find it? I don't remember the kidnappers at all...."

After confirming Summer didn't know the truth of Karen's accident from her expression, Lynn frowned, "I will deal with it."

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