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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 97: I Will Definitely Not Let Go of You

As soon as he finished eating, “Douglas” chased Carl away.

Carl grabbed the door frame and didn't want to leave, "It's so dark and cold. Can't you just let me stay here for a night?"

It was very difficult for Summer to connect this Carl, who was holding onto the door frame, with the president of Tip Top Media Company.

He was probably possessed by something strange.

Carl felt Summer's gaze and coughed softly. He immediately let go of his hand. "Actually, it's not that cold. I'm leaving first."

After Carl left, only Summer and Douglas remained in the room.

Summer looked out of the door. She was a little puzzled. Why hadn't Leonardo returned yet?

Where did he often go?

"I'll go up first." Summer glanced at “Douglas” and turned around to go upstairs.

"Douglas" suddenly stopped her. "Summer."

"What?" Summer stopped and looked at him.

She had a fair skin. Under the illumination of the light, it seemed that her face was covered a layer of fine powder. She looked at him, and she looked soft.

Yeah, she was kind of attractive.

"The Jarrett Group...." Leonardo deliberately paused. Summer's wide eyes slightly shrunk, as if she was a little nervous. He immediately smiled. "Do you need any help?"

When he said the first half of his words, Summer's heart raced, thinking that he knew something.

Hearing the latter half of his words, she suddenly became calm, but her expression was somewhat uneasy. She forced a smile, "My father and other people will think of a way. After all, what happened in the factory can be considered a scandal. And they have to solve it by themselves."

"Douglas" tilted his head and replied with a smile yet not a smile, "Oh."

Summer nodded and went upstairs.

After returning to her room, she calmed down a little.

After all, she was a member of the Jarrett family. The less people knew about her plot, the better.

Jessica was her best friend, so she naturally could tell her.

However, "Douglas" was different. No matter what he had done to help her, he was still a member of the Emerson family.

Adults were sometimes so complicated that it was hard for them to trust someone.

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