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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 966 I'm Dying

Knowing that Douglas was coming back, Summer was happy in the afternoon.

In a good mood, she was nice to Leonardo. She even took out photos of Douglas for Rosie to see.

Leonardo watched Summer's reaction and found that she was truly delighted that Douglas was coming back.

In the evening, Summer began to ask Leonardo, "Has Douglas gotten off? When will you send people to pick him up? Do you remember the exact time? It's late now."

Leonardo said in a gentle tone, "Take your time. I've send someone to the airport. We are not late."

Summer felt relieved and nodded, "Then I should cook for Douglas. He used to enjoy my cooking."

Although Summer had told the kitchen to prepare the dinner, she wanted to cook for Douglas for he seldom came back.

Leonardo also enjoyed her cooking. However, ever since Summer came back from the hospital, she hadn't offered to cook for Leonardo. Leonardo cared about her health and he didn't find it necessary to let her cook. But he was jealous when she was going to cook for Douglas.

Leonardo stopped Summer, "You don't need to cook. There are plenty of servants at home. What they've cooked is enough for him."

"I don't think so. Everyone cooks differently. Do the servants cook better than me? Even if they are better, what I cooked is unique."

Summer was about to go to the kitchen after making it clear, but Leonardo didn't let her go.

Summer's eyebrow furrowed. Apparently, she was annoyed, but Leonardo didn't want to give up, even if he understood why she insisted in cooking by herself.

Leonardo said in a measured tone, "No."

Summer was unhappy, "Leonardo, get out of the way."

Leonardo refused and even intended to roll her wheelchair back.copy right hot novel pub