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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 965 Do You Think I Am a Pig?

Summer had intended to tell Jessica the truth. But Rosie came, so she didn't say it.

Jessica realized that Summer wanted to tell her the truth, but was interrupted, so she turned around and glared at Carl.

Carl was confused. What was that about? He looked at Summer with a puzzled look as if he was asking her what's going on. Summer smiled but said nothing.

Then soon, Leonardo returned. Jessica had always been kind of afraid of Leonardo. She just wanted to talk to Summer alone but couldn't find any opportunity, so she had to leave.

Finding that, Carl followed Jessica. After seeing Jessica and Carl off, Summer operated the wheelchair to roll inside.

Leonardo followed up to help her, but Summer didn't want him to help her, so she said coldly, "Let go of it."

Leonardo did not listen to her and continued rolling. Summer had to let it go at that.

After entering the villa, Leonardo asked her, "Do you want to go upstairs to have a rest?"

Summer sneered, "Do you think I am a pig? What makes you think I have nothing else to do except eating and sleeping?"

She could clearly feel that the man behind her was annoyed. There were signs of anger. However, Summer knew Leonardo would never lose his temper, because he was good at repressing his anger.

He had always done well, especially in front of Summer who was injured now, Leonardo was less likely to lose his temper.

No matter what Summer did, he would tolerate it. Summer knew him very well.

Leonardo calmed himself down and walked towards Summer. He looked very calm, as if nothing had happened. Yet, Summer felt a sense of exhaustion.

Were they going to live with each other like this forever? Leonardo would concede and then she would continue acting willfully. Leonardo sat down opposite her.copy right hot novel pub