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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 964 Don't Lie to Me

"Don't worry? Fine?" Jessica was not comforted by Summer's words. Instead, she was more worried about Summer. "Look at yourself. Are you sure you are fine?"

With a sigh, Jessica whispered, "No wonder Leonardo didn't let me come to see you."

"What?" Summer didn't seem to hear what Jessica said clearly, so she asked, "What do you mean? Didn't he let you come to see me?"

Jessica replied seriously, "Yeah, I didn't know what Leonardo was thinking. Previously, I said I wanted to see you, but he didn't allow it. He said I would disturb you."

"You must feel bored, being at home alone all day, with no one to talk to. If I come to see you, at least I can keep you company."

Jessica did not understand Leonardo's thoughts. But on second thought, Jessica thought it was normal that she couldn't understand Leonardo's thoughts, because Leonardo was not an ordinary man.

After Summer pondered for a moment, she gradually understood something.

Sometimes, Leonardo's thoughts were indeed different from those of ordinary people. Summer could vaguely guess that Leonardo did not want Jessica to visit her, nor did he want her to have a mobile phone, because he simply wanted to isolate her from the outside world.

In Leonardo's mind, as long as he locked Summer at home and didn't let her go out, she wouldn't be harmed.

Leonardo cared about her very much. Summer could basically guess what Leonardo was thinking. Her several accidents probably scared Leonardo, especially the accident this time.

Leonardo had done such things before, so Summer could easily guess what Leonardo was thinking.

Jessica continued, "Today, Carl sent Rosie back, and I said I would follow them. I really don't know what Leonardo was thinking, but he actually agreed on me visiting you."

Jessica couldn't help but shake her head at this point. She found Leonardo unfathomable.

Hearing what Jessica said, Summer forced a smile. What Leonardo was thinking?

Perhaps Leonardo felt that Summer had quarreled with him and was in a bad mood. If Jessica came to see her, Summer might be in a better mood.

Summer could understand Leonardo's intentions. However, what Leonardo had done made her feel depressed.copy right hot novel pub