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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 962 Give it back to Him

Summer met Leonardo's gaze. The tacit understanding between them after they lived together for so many years allowed them to understand each other even when they didn't say anything.

Leonardo snorted coldly, "If Trevin dares to come again, I'll kill him."

Leonardo was very clear about what Summer knew in his heart. He was sure that it was Trevin who told her.

Summer put down the spoon and said, "I'm full."

Leonardo's gaze fell on the bowl in front of her, "Eat more."

Summer ate little, how could she be full?

"I said I don't want to eat anymore. I'm full!" Summer suddenly shouted at Leonardo.

During this period, she had lost her temper frequently. But every time she lost her temper, Leonardo knew, including this time.

Leonardo was patient and said softly, "Please, honey."

Summer did not care about his words, "Why did you help Stanley out? How could you do that? Did you forget what he did to Rosie? I was saved by Stanley, so what if I gave it back to him?"

Recently, Summer's mood fluctuated greatly. Sometimes, when she thought she might not have many days left, she would feel sad and irritable. Then she would lose her temper. Sometimes, she was exceptionally calm.

In this life, she had experienced so much, and even if she died, she had no regret.

But she was enduring the torture. Her emotions were uncontrollable, but it's normal. However, on the matter related to Stanley, Summer was exceptionally sober.

Her attitude towards Stanley was the same.copy right hot novel pub