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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 961 Live with Great Care

Trevin was still angry when he said this.

"Summer, since he's your husband, tell me why Leonardo was crazy. And why did he help Stanley? Now that he helped Stanley escape from the prison, I have to live with great care. Maybe, Stanley will come to find trouble with me." Trevin let out a long breath and scratched his hair irritably.

Stanley was cunning and scheming. Previously, Trevin and Leonardo put him in prison, but he came out, then he would definitely revenge. Certainly, he would take revenge on Trevin or Leonardo.

"Hide." Summer looked very calm.

She knew why Leonardo helped Stanley out and understood how Trevin felt.

"You... you're speaking nonsense! You!" Trevin was so angry that he spun around and then sat down opposite Summer.

Then the voice of bodyguards came from outside. They were whispering outside as if they didn't dare to enter the dining room.

Summer thought for a moment and knew that they were looking for Trevin. Leonardo had a fight with Trevin. With his temper, he was going to drive Trevin out.

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