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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 960 Escape from Prison

Trevin was still pressed to the ground by Leonardo. He struggled but was unable to move at all, let alone stand up.

He sighed with a relief and turned to look at Summer, "Do something! You are really looking on with folded arms!"

Summer said calmly, "Don't worry, Leonardo is very discreet. He knows the severity."

Trevin was almost speechless, "You ... I..."

Leonardo shook off Trevin and walked towards Summer. Summer dressed herself today, and the collar was crooked.

Leonardo walked over and tidied her collar before whispering, "Let's go downstairs to eat."

Summer tilted her head and looked at Trevin, who was still lying on the ground behind Leonardo. Leonardo noticed that and moved slightly to the side, blocking Summer's view.

Summer withdrew her gaze and nodded at Leonardo, "OK."

Leonardo pushed Summer out, but Trevin lay on the ground and looked up at them going out. He cursed out of anger.

Summer and Leonardo went to the dining room together. Leonardo asked the servant to serve breakfast.

"Eat less. Have something else for lunch." Leonardo handed the plate with food towards Summer.

After fighting with Trevin just now, Leonardo's clothes were messy and dirty, but he calmed down now.copy right hot novel pub