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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 96: Not on Your Way

Summer was no longer interested in appreciating Vicky's ugly appearance.

She went to the bus stop and took a bus back to the villa.

As soon as she entered, she threw her bag away and slumped on the sofa. She was so tired that she didn't want to move.

She didn't do anything today. But why did she feel so tired?

She was wiped out.

When she turned on her Weibo, she saw two hot topics, "Black-hearted Factory" and "Indecent Video and Black-hearted Factory," at the top of the topic list.

The comments were filled with curses.

Occasionally, a few comments that stood up for the Jarrett Group and Vicky were quickly drowned out.

Very quickly, Summer saw the video of Vicky being surrounded at the company's entrance.

In the video, Vicky looked like a complete lunatic.

"Why do I feel like this woman is becoming more and more like a real psychopath? Otherwise, how could she scold reporters without feeling shameful after her indecent video leaked out?"

"I agree with you. Fortunately, I'm not her friend. Even if she kills someone, she won't be sentenced, right?"

"She's simply a crazy woman!"

"She looks pretty. How much does it cost to sleep with her?"

Summer put down her phone and didn't want to look at it again.

Apart from a few bodyguards guarding the door, the entire villa was empty. She didn't know whether Leonardo and "Douglas" were at home.

Summer thought for a moment and sent a message to Douglas, "Are you coming back for dinner?"

If "Douglas" did not come back, she would not cook. Anyway, there were bodyguards cooking.

On the other side, Leonardo had just finished a three-hour meeting and was a little tired.

As soon as he returned to his office and sat down, he received Summer's message.

Just as he was about to reply, he saw Carl pushing open the door excitedly and strode in.

"Leonardo, look at this!" Carl handed the phone to him.

Leonardo took a look at it. His pupils shrank slightly. After reading it, he said indifferently, "There is something wrong with the factory of the Jarrett Group. If someone wants to make trouble for that company, he can use this event. However, none of these enterprises are clean now. And if that person was not pissed off, he would not make such a big move against the Jarrett Group."

Carl nodded and said, "Do you think that the old man of the Jarrett family is going to return home?"

"It's possible." Leonardo thought of something. His voice suddenly turned cold.

However, Carl did not notice this detail. He asked doubtfully, "This event was exposed too suddenly. There was really no news about it before. Who do you think did this?"

Who did it?

Leonardo's eyes flickered, and then he expressionlessly looked at Carl. "I won't tell you."

Carl's eyes widened. "You just look at the news and then you know who did this!"

Leonardo ignored him and turned on his computer to look at the news related to the Jarrett Group.

Carl continued to ask him unwillingly, "Then tell me. Is he a competitor in the industry?"

"No.copy right hot novel pub