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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 959 Watch the Battle

After hearing Leonardo's words, Rosie nodded, then turned to look at Summer.

Rosie stared at Summer for a moment, then pointed at the plate on the coffee table and asked Leonardo, "But what about this fruit?"

Leonardo said, "You can have it."

Rosie pursed her lips and stretched out her hand to pick up the plate. She was about to sit on the sofa opposite her and enjoy the fruit. However, it was difficult for her to hold the plate in her arms while trying to get on the sofa.

Leonardo helped to take the plate. Rosie looked back at him.

Leonardo said with the plate in his hand, "Get on the sofa first."

After Rosie got onto the sofa, Leonardo handed her the plate and said, "Don't eat too much."

Then, Leonardo got up and went to his desk to continue his work.

It was already the next morning when Summer woke up.

Summer was in a trance. She thought for a moment, but did not remember when she went to bed last night and how she fell asleep. Nobody was beside her or in the single sofa next to bed.

Leonardo was not in the room.

Summer zoned out on the bed for a while. Looking around, she found that the wheelchair was placed beside the bed.

Summer propped herself up and sat up. It took her some effort to get into the wheelchair. She went to the bathroom to wash up, dressed herself in a skirt and went out in the wheelchair.

A servant was doing cleaning in the corridor.copy right hot novel pub