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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 953 Saint or Devil

Trevin stopped to ask Summer, "Do you agree?"

Summer looked at Trevin coldly and said, "You learn to fish for information, finally."

"Aren't you the same?" Trevin laughed with a relaxed look on his face. He was handsome and charming, just like the first time they've met.

Summer smiled slightly. A trace of mockery flashed through her eyes. Summer knew who Trevin was talking about.

Who else could it be other than Leonardo? Leonardo once said that he would not use a weak woman to achieve his goal like Stanley. However, Trevin's words inferred that Leonardo did what he said.

At that time, Bendy was captured by Trevin. Although Trevin wanted to avenge his father on Stanley Bates, he was not crazy enough to achieve that by torturing Bendy.

Deep in his heart, Trevin kept the good intentions and the principles. However, Stanley did not have a single trace of kindness in his body. In his mind, people would always think evil of others - just like him - and scheming would be a daily routine.

Therefore, when Leonardo released the fake news that Trevin had done something horrible to Bendy, Stanley couldn't stay calm anymore. Stanley cared about Bendy, but even so, Stanley was still a despicable and disgusting person in Summer's eyes.

She would never forget what Stanley had done to Rosie. Perhaps Stanley would regret what he had done one day, but Summer would never forgive him.

Summer smiled and looked at Trevin, "Do you blame Leonardo for using you?"

Since Trevin said that she was fishing information, she'd better lift the rod now. She knew Trevin only wanted to talk about Leonardo, but it didn't matter whether Leonardo was a saint or a devil in Trevin's eyes. She knew clearly what kind of person Leonardo was.

"You also know that Leonardo was using me?" Trevin, irritated, put his hand into his hair and started pulling.

Summer kept smiling, "Trevin, I always consider you a clever man."

"Are you mocking me?" Trevin smiled, but his eyes were frozen cold.copy right hot novel pub