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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 945 See You and Leonardo

The relaxed atmosphere in the lounge was spoiled.

Although Summer tried her best to manage her expression, she failed and the smile faded from her face. Leonardo frowned slightly and turned to look at Summer. "Wait for me here. I'll go take a look."

Then he just looked at her and waited for her reply.

Leonardo asked her to wait for him here. It meant that he wouldn't tell her about her condition.

Actually, it was hard to be cheated by others, and people were prone to be hooked by their own lies.

Leonardo was fooling himself now. Did he feel that as long as he didn't tell her the truth, she would live the same life as before?

Summer smiled, "But I want to know it."

Leonardo was a cautious and reserved person, and he could hide everything he wanted without leaving a trace.

He said slowly, "You don't feel well, so wait for me here."

His tone was firm. Summer sighed helplessly and turned her head away. Leonardo reached out and stroked her head. "Wait for me."

The door to the lounge opened and closed. Summer thought that she could not go on like this. At this moment, the door was opened from the outside.

Summer thought it was Leonardo.copy right hot novel pub