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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 944 Go Back Alive

Leonardo was surprised, and then he sat down beside her. "Your childhood?" He seemed very interested in it.

Summer nodded and said gently, "Yeah, my childhood."

Then, Summer said lightly, "I was a good student back then."

"Were you?" Leonardo raised his head.

Summer could feel that Leonardo was in a bad mood, but he still managed to be patient. Summer smiled to him, "I also dreamed of the day when I met you on that street."

Something strange moved in Leonardo's eyes. Summer asked him, "Did you run away from home that day?"


"Because of your mother?"

Summer remembered that it was not long after Leonardo's mother's death. Although Leonardo seemed omnipotent now, Leonardo was just an eleven-year-old boy back then.

That accident should have had a great impact on him, and that might be part of the reason why he was somewhat paranoid.

Leonardo was silent for a while, as if he was pondering how to speak. After a while, he said slowly, "I was sad back then, but I was comforted by a little girl who told me her mother wasn't nice to her."

He was joking her!

Summer pretended to be angry and gave him a gentle push, "Hey! You're hurting me."

Leonardo curled into a faint smile, "But you did make me feel better."

If it weren't for Summer, he might end his life that day. The pressure, it was too much for him to handle. No one could understand his pain, and no one cared to understand it.

Leonardo learnt from Summer that Karen wasn't a responsible mother. However, Summer still tried to justify her actions.

On the contrary, Leonardo's mother had been protecting him until the last minute of her life.copy right hot novel pub