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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 943 Learn Without A Teacher

In the car.

Leonardo held Summer's hand in his, "It's a long away. You can sleep for a while."

Summer leaned against the seat, dispirited and gloomy. Paying no attention to Leonardo, Summer just leaned.

Leonardo pursed his lips and looked at Summer before pulling her into his arms.

Summer shook her head and pushed him away. She wanted to sit on her own.

Leonardo didn't expect she would push him away and looked intensely at Summer. However, Summer only stared out of the window.

Tim was in the front seat driving the car, but he still sensed the subtle change of the air. He peeped through the rearview mirror and withdrew his gaze quickly.

Silence all the way.

It was a private hospital. One could enjoy the best medical services as long as one can afford it.

Moreover, this hospital was invested by the Emerson Group. When Leonardo and Summer came, their matters were given top priority.

The wheelchair was put in the trunk of the car in advance.

Being wheelchaired to the VIP room, Summer didn't see anyone else except Leonardo and the medical staff.

When they entered the elevator, Summer turned around and asked Leonardo, "Why no patients here?"

Leonardo explained, "We're taking the VIP channel."

Summer smiled and did not say anything.

When they arrived at the examination room, the doctors and nurses were waiting.

One of the doctors greeted them, "Mr. and Mrs. Emerson."

Leonardo asked, "Is everything ready?"

He nodded, "Tim has called and it's all set."

Summer didn't find it strange when the doctor said that.copy right hot novel pub