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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 935 With You

It was five o'clock in the afternoon when they got home.

Summer looked through the car window at the house outside, feeling as if she was in another world.

Not long before her accident, she moved back to Leonardo's villa. The furnishings in the villa were the same as before. However, Summer noticed that there were more servants at home.

Was it arranged by Leonardo because she was discharged from the hospital?

Summer was carried in by Leonardo, and he carried Summer back to the bedroom.

Leonardo took off his coat and looked at her seriously. "Everything in the villa is the same as before. If there's anything you're not used to, tell me."

Summer looked away and ignored Leonardo. She could feel that Leonardo had been staring at her, probably waiting for her response. Summer took a deep breath and turned to ask him, "Where is my phone?"

Leonardo became alert, "It's broken."

"It's broken?" Summer repeated.


It wasn't Leonardo's style. If her phone was really broken, he should have prepared a new one for her. Even if he didn't have enough time to buy it, he would say, "I'll give you a new phone tomorrow."

Instead, he just said “Yes”.

Summer became serious and looked at Leonardo, "I want to use my phone now."

She stared fixedly at Leonardo, not wanting to miss any of the expressions on his face.

Leonardo narrowed his eyes and met Summer's sharp gaze. Suddenly, he smiled and said, "You need to have a rest now."

Summer reached out and hit him, "What are you laughing at? I want to use my phone now!"

Leonardo held her hand and kissed it. "Take a rest first," he said softly.

He was too gentle, which made Summer feel she was messing around for no reason. Summer snorted and lay into the quilt. She pulled the quilt over her head and wrapped herself tightly.

She said in a low voice from under the blanket, "I need to rest.copy right hot novel pub