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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 93: Poor Devil

Summer's gaze was creepy. Vicky's body got a bit stiff.

Vicky wanted to fake calmness and was about to smile, but the fear in her eyes was so obvious that her facial expression became very strange, as if she was epileptic.

Everyone in the elevator noticed that there was something off about Vicky, but no one said anything.

Summer sauntered over to Vicky. She held Vicky's arm with one hand and touched the cloth of her coat with the other. She said with envy, "Vicky, this coat is new, isn't it? It's really beautiful. It looks very expensive."

Usually, Vicky would show off her clothes, but now the person in front of her was Summer, who she thought was dead. She didn't even have the mood to show off.

Moreover, the clothes she wore were bought from Summer's black card.

"No ... it's not very expensive." Summer's arms held her arms softly, giving her the illusion of being entangled by a poisonous snake. It felt like that if she moved, she would be bitten to death.

"Perhaps it's not too expensive for you. I saw the same dress in the mall yesterday. It costs more than 900,000. And we still have to book it in advance. Ordinary people are unable to buy it even if they want..."

Vicky booked the coat in advance, which meant that they had already planned to get the bankcard from Summer.

What other people saw was that Summer was holding Vicky's new clothes intimately. Only Vicky knew that she was so scared of Summer that she didn't even dare to breathe.

Summer was very satisfied with Vicky's reaction. This was the reaction she should have when she did something wrong.

The elevator stopped.

Then the door parted.

Vicky wanted to go out but did not dare to move, because Summer did not let go of her.

When the other people in the elevator saw that Vicky did not move, they did not dare to walk in front.

Summer pretended to be surprised and said, "Sister, what are you thinking? Why aren't you going out yet? Everyone is waiting for you."

As she spoke, she pulled Vicky out.

When she went out, she didn't forget to turn around and say to the others in the elevator, "See you later."

Until they entered into Vicky's office, Summer locked the door and released Vicky.

"Vicky, you seem to be afraid of me. You're making things difficult for me.copy right hot novel pub