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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 926 You Can Only Take Soup

When Summer woke up again, the ward was still bright. As soon as she opened her eyes, Leonardo's voice sounded in her ears.

"Are you hungry?"

Summer turned to look at Leonardo. Leonardo was still sitting beside the bed. Even his posture was the same as when she fell asleep.

Summer asked him, "Have you been here all this time?"

"Yes." Leonardo nodded.

Actually, he changed his dressing before, but in the end, he still asked the doctor to come in and change his dressing.

He was afraid that when Summer woke up, she would not be able to see him. He wanted to stay with her all the time.

Summer turned her head to look out of the window and found that the curtains were tightly drawn. She had slept for too long and did not even know when it was now.

She asked Leonardo, "What's the time now?"

"At night." As Leonardo spoke, he raised his wrist and looked at the time, "Nine o'clock."

Summer asked him, "Did you have dinner?"

Leonardo whispered, "No."

Summer paused for a moment and said, "Then hurry up and eat."

"Get up and join me." Previously, the doctor said that although Summer still needed to stay in bed to rest and not walk, she could sit in a wheelchair.

Summer nodded, "Yes."

Leonardo anticipated it, so the wheelchair had been prepared early in the morning.

Leonardo pushed the wheelchair over and placed it beside the bed. He lifted the quilt and picked Summer up from the bed.

This week, Summer spent half of her time in the ICU. She had been sustained by nutrient solution. During this period, Summer was tired because of the Emerson Group incident, and now she became even thinner after the car accident.

Leonardo held her in his arms and could not feel any weight at all. Summer didn't have much strength, so Leonardo took her hand around his neck.copy right hot novel pub