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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 920 Make Things Difficult

Summer was stunned by Spencer's question.

But soon, Summer retorted, "No, there is nothing wrong with her."

"Wait, I'll get someone to open the door for you." Spencer wasn't interested in whether there was something wrong with Karen.

After Spencer finished speaking, he turned around and went downstairs to look for help. Summer leaned against the door and tried to listen to the sound outside, but she could not hear anything.

Spencer had already left. Seven-year-old child could be very sensitive. Summer could clearly feel that no one in the Jarrett family liked her, especially Vicky, who had an indescribable hostility towards her.

Actually, she didn't have much contact with Spencer, but she could feel that Spencer didn't hate her as much as Vicky did. She thought that Spencer was not lying when he said that he would find someone to open the door.

After Spencer left, Summer stood by the door and waited for Spencer to find someone to open the door for her. Not long after, someone was outside the door.

Summer lay by the door and faintly heard Spencer's voice, "Open this door."

Hearing this, Summer hurriedly retreated aside and waited for the people outside to open the door. Shortly, the door was opened from outside.

As soon as the door opened, Summer saw the servant and Spencer standing outside. Summer gratefully said, "Thank you, Spencer!"

Seeing this, the servant who opened the door nodded slightly at Spencer, "Mr. Jarrett, I'll leave you now."

"Go." Spencer waved his hand, signaling the servant to leave.

Then, Spencer turned to look at Summer, "You haven't eaten yet, have you? Go down and find something to eat."

He left as soon as he finished speaking. Summer looked at Spencer and shouted, "Thank you, Spencer!"

This might not be a big deal for Spencer. However, this was the first time Summer felt the kindness of someone from the Jarrett family.

Normally, Spencer did not pay much attention to her, and she did her best not to have any friction with Spencer. Consequently, everything was in peace between them.copy right hot novel pub