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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 919 Who Locked You In?

Karen had always known that Lynn did not like Summer very much, and neither did she. Therefore, she didn't feel bothered when Lynn muttered about their daughter. Instead, she began to complain more and more about Summer in her heart.

It was all Summer's fault. Karen hurriedly said, "It is Summer's fault. I'll give her an earful. Don't be angry."

Lynn married Karen mainly because Karen was beautiful and loyal to him. Lynn found Karen's attitude satisfactory. He didn't say anything else. However, Vicky was not satisfied that Lynn had let Summer off so easily.

Previously, she had heard the private discussions of the servants at home. They said Summer was prettier and better at study than her. In short, in their eyes, Summer was better than her in everything.

Vicky had been spoiled since childhood, and Lynn had satisfied her all needs. How could she stand such comments? She hated Summer and Karen in her heart.

To be honest, Karen treated her well, much better than Summer. However, Summer looked like Karen.

When she saw Karen's face, she couldn't help thinking about Summer, which made her angry.

"Dad!" Vicky hugged Lynn's arm with a wronged expression, "I feel Summer dares to scold me only because she is prettier and better at study than me. She feels that she is better than me in everything."

"Bullshit! You are the best. Summer is nobody." Lynn's heart ached.

Spencer couldn't listen anymore when he was still in the middle of his meal. He put down his chopsticks and said, "Dad, Summer is also your daughter. Even if you don't like her, you don't have to put it that way, do you?"

After Lynn's wife passed away, Spencer was brought up by Alexander.copy right hot novel pub