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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 916 It Was Her Fault!

Karen stood up soon. "I'm fine."

As she stood up, she secretly pushed Summer away. Although Karen was indifferent to Summer, Summer still cared much about Karen.

Summer stood at the side and looked at Karen carefully. Then she found that Karen's hand was scratched. Summer got a little angry. She turned to Vicky and shouted, "Why did you push my mother? She cares about you."

Vicky's face changed. "Are you blaming me?"

"Summer, what are you talking about?" Karen noticed it and tried to stop Summer right away.

"Mom, Vicky pushed you. It's her fault!" Summer turned around and argued with Karen seriously.

However, Karen only cared about Vicky. So, Karen did not care what Summer was thinking.

She said sternly, "Summer, apologize to Vicky!"

"Mom...." Summer was frightened by Karen's expression and looked at her helplessly.

Karen pulled Summer's arm and pushed her forward. "Apologize to Vicky! Did you hear me?"

Summer did not think that she was wrong, but she thought that she should listen to Karen.copy right hot novel pub