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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 912 Stall for Time

Logan was laughing so hard that he was bending forward.

Summer dressed up for the banquet today and had specially had her hair done. The stylist had pinned a long thin clip to her hair to fix her hair.

Summer watched Logan indifferently who was shaking with laughter. The car zigzagged in the street. She held the handle on the door with one hand and tried to fetch the hairpin in her hair quietly with the other hand. She slowly took it off.

While Logan was still laughing complacently, she suddenly reached out to grab Logan's head with one hand and pressed the hairpin against his neck with the other hand.

Summer said in a deep voice, "Stop the car!"

Logan's laughter suddenly stopped. As if the tape of a cassette was stuck, it sounded especially abrupt and strange.

Since Summer was grabbing Logan's head, the car began to lose control. Summer tried her best to maintain her balance.

"Don't you want to see Amber again? If you still want to see her, stop the car!" She said in a surprisingly calm voice.

Summer had her beloved, and knew how it felt to love someone. She knew how reluctant she would be to leave her beloved.

Although Logan looked as if he wanted to die together with her, he would never be unshakeable if he liked Amber. It turned out that Summer was right, because the car had started to slow down.

This meant that Logan still couldn't bear to part with Amber, and Summer had given him a critical strike in his heart.

Summer spoke, "Open the door.copy right hot novel pub