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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 911 Following You for a Long Time

Summer was not interested in the child in Amber's belly. But she did not know that Logan was the father of Amber's child until now!

In retrospect, Summer guessed that it was probably Leonardo that had taken Logan to Amber's room at the Golden Cauldron Club that night. It was possible that Amber still believed that her child's father was Leonardo even on the wedding day.

Amber was a woman with high self-esteem, and Logan was such an infamous player. She had definitely turned her nose up at him. But from Logan's words, Summer could tell that Logan liked Amber.

Their circle was not a huge one. Putting aside Amber's personality and what she had done, she was indeed an outstanding woman. It was normal that Logan would like her.

After Summer figured out why Logan had kidnapped her, she knew how to react now and began to think of a plan.

Bruce would try catching up with them by driving for sure. But she needed to make it until Bruce came to save her.

It seemed that Logan had completely lost his mind and all he wanted now was her death. Summer had thought of a lot in her heart, but none of her feelings was shown on her face.

At this time, every second felt longer than usual. Summer cooled off and tried to interact with Logan calmly, "You like Amber?"

With his lips curled, Logan only smiled coldly at the rearview mirror and didn't say anything.

"You like Amber, but she aborted your child. It looks like she has no interest in you at all." Summer said calmly.

"Shut up! It's all you fault! It was you who hurt her and harmed my child!" Logan roared furiously, his voice sounding hoarse.

The car sped up as the man became even more angry. Summer's heart sank.copy right hot novel pub