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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 909 Wait for me in the Car

Hearing that, Summer chuckled, "Okay. I'll be there on time. Send me the address and time later."

"No problem!"

Just as Summer hung up the phone, Eliza sent the time and address to her. The banquet would be held on Saturday night. In a nice hotel

It was a big hotel, so it should be a big banquet.

On Saturday night, Summer asked the servants to prepare supper earlier.

After she had supper with Rosie at home, she put on a formal evening dress and went to the banquet. Bruce was her driver again.

When Summer, as well as Bruce, arrived at the entrance of the banquet hall, she saw Eliza there.

Eliza was wearing a crimson gown with mature makeup, which made her look extremely alluring.

As soon as she saw Summer, she came up to greet Summer, "There you are!"

Eliza then noticed Bruce who was standing behind Summer and asked in surprise, "Who is he?"

Summer explained to her, "My bodyguard."

Eliza nodded to express understanding. She showed Summer in and told her about the nature of the banquet and who the guests were. Since Summer began her cooperation with Eliza, she had attended various kinds of banquets. Now she could easily blend in with everything in this kind of party.

Many people in the banquet hall saw Summer. This was the first time for Summer to attend a banquet since she had taken over the Emerson Group.

It was true that many people looked at Eliza who was standing beside Summer with new eyes. Some people tried to approach Summer and flatter her, but Bruce had "dealt with" them.

Bruce was a man who had experienced life and death moments, so he had a spiky aura and intimidating eyes. After walking around with Eliza for a while, Summer wanted to leave.

Eliza also understood Summer. After all, she had a daughter at home. That was not a secret among people in the entertainment industry anymore, because Karen had spread the news that Summer and Leonardo had a child.

But no one dared to ask.copy right hot novel pub