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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 906 Father of Your Child

Spencer took half a step back in embarrassment and looked at Summer from a distance of a meter and a half.

"Summer, can you reconsider your decision to buy the Jarrett Group?"

He pleaded, "I promise that I will keep an eye on Karen and stop her from making trouble for you. Is it okay?"

Summer said indifferently, "I'll think about it."

Spencer nodded gladly, "Alright. Take your time!"

He knew that Summer would weaken. As long as she was willing to compromise, he would definitely be able to change her mind.

Upon arrival at the office, Summer was seriously considering whether to buy the Jarrett Group.

After Alexander and Vicky died, Lynn completely stepped down and stayed out of the company business. Everything about the company was on Spencer's shoulders.

Spencer had a deeper relationship with Alexander than with Lynn. What Alexander had always wanted was to save the Jarrett Group and keep it in business. That was why Spencer put all his energy into the company.

In a sense, it was Karen who had irritated Summer, not Spencer. Everyone had something they wanted to protect. What Spencer wanted to protect was the Jarrett Group. He never laid a finger on Summer.

This shook Summer to the core. She leaned against the chair and spun it on tiptoes.

A moment later, she stopped and took out her phone to text Jessica, "Jessica, do you think I should buy the Jarrett Group?"

Jessica should be busy with work and didn't reply. Summer sighed and wanted to continue working when she received a text message.

With the development of social media, very few people would text now. Summer thought it was an advertisement and was going to delete it. However, as she checked it, she discovered the content: Stanley came to see you?

She was surprised and replied, "Who are you?"

After the message was sent out, there was no response. Summer put her phone aside and flipped through documents, but from time to time, she would cast a glance at her phone.

After about ten minutes, she received a new text message.copy right hot novel pub