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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 903 A Woman

Stanley had mentioned it to Summer before.

Summer sneered, "That's why you keep messing with Leonardo? Come on, it's not Leonardo who killed your family. He is also a victim."

"He is a victim? He lives a glorious life with a beautiful wife and a clever daughter. How can he be considered as a victim?" Stanley roared with jealousy and hatred in his eyes. "Since my parents and younger brother passed away, my life has become an empty shell. Do you know how I grew up? Do you know what I've experienced?"

"Both he and I are victims of the case, but why can he live a better life than me? Why could he be saved from despair and live a happy life while I can't, even if I've tried my best...?" His eyes were filled with hatred and resentment.

"Why?" Stanley seemed to have found an outlet to vent his anger and continued with his eyes wide open, "Back then, I lived in that old street too, but you only had eyes for Leonardo. You even gave him a pen! Why didn't you notice me?"

"At that time, you were so pretty that I couldn't help but like you at the first sight. In Australia, I recognized you at a glance."

It turned out that Stanley targeted Leonardo just because he was envious of Leonardo. Summer had thought that he had a grudge against Leonardo. But in fact, he didn't.

He was just jealous that Leonardo, who had gone through the same thing as him, was living a better life than him. Therefore, he made trouble for Leonardo all the time.

He sowed discord between Summer and Leonardo by all means, trying to distress Leonardo.

Stanley was just like Adams. Both of them were twisted and embittered, so they did something unreasonable.

"Stanley, have you ever thought that you would live a good life if you put all your energy into other things?" Summer was slightly moved.copy right hot novel pub