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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 900 I'm So Jealous of You

When Summer heard this, she smiled and said, "You just said it to vent your anger. You didn't really mean it."

"I'm serious," Jessica stated. She pretended to be calm.

Summer patted her shoulder and said, "Let's continue talking about it after I put Rosie to bed."

Jessica nodded and replied, "Okay."

Summer then left with Rosie.

After a while, she came back. Jessica had just come out from the bathroom. She leaned against the bed, swiping her phone.

Hearing the noises, she raised her head and saw Summer.

"Has Rosie fallen asleep?" Jessica asked.

"Actually, she has a sleeping problem recently," Summer answered. At the same time, she walked to take her clothes, prepared to take a bath.

Jessica asked, "What's wrong with her?"

"I don't know. But she looked healthy and has a good appetite. I'll wait and see." Summer held her clothes and said to Jessica, "I'm going to take a shower first."

Soon after, Summer came out of the bathroom. Jessica was still leaning against the bed, playing on the phone. Seeing Summer come out, she put her phone aside.copy right hot novel pub