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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 899 Just Joking

Bruce hadn't interacted with many children, and Rosie was the one he had come into contact with. He wanted a daughter simply because he thought Rosie was very cute. Therefore, he also wanted a daughter.

Hearing Bruce's words, Carl nodded, "I like children as well, be it son or daughter. The more, the better."

"Is your wife a sow?" Jessica dissed Carl.

"You can attack me, but you can't attack my wife!" Carl put down his chopsticks with an extremely serious expression.

"Do you have a wife?" Jessica sneered coldly.

"It's only a matter of time before I, such a handsome and young man, have a wife," Carl argued with her seriously.

"Young? It seems that you don't know yourself well enough," Jessica uttered.

"Aren't people in their thirties young?" Carl asked in reply.

"Have you seen the new trainees in the company? They can be regarded as young."

Recently, the Tip Top Media had recruited some new trainees. The youngest was only 16 years old, and the oldest was less than 20 years old.

They were tall with long legs, young and lively. They were energetic and full of youthful vitality.

Carl's face darkened. "Jessica, do you think you are still an eighteen-year-old girl? Have you seen the young actresses in our company? They have delicate skin and fair complexion."

Jessica looked at him without expression, and said, "Oh, yeah. Especially the girl called Sivan. Everyone knows she has attracted your attention."

When she mentioned Sivan, Carl's expression became unnatural.copy right hot novel pub