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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 898 Die Early

Summer teased him, "Since you know clearly about her schedule, why did you say you didn't want have dinner with Jessica?"

Carl defended himself, "As the boss of Tip Top Media, is there any problem for me to pay more attention to the actress that is important to my company?"

"No problem." Summer was very cooperative.

Carl choked and then said, "Well, see you tonight." Then he hung up the phone in a hurry.

Since Carl said that, Summer thought she should prepare carefully for the dinner.

In the afternoon, she asked the servants to buy a lot of vegetables and other food ingredients for the party.

In the evening, she began to cook. There were snacks, all kinds of stir-fried vegetables, soup, wine... Because there weren't many people for the dinner, she didn't cook much.

Carl and Jessica arrived one after another. Looking at the dishes on the table, Jessica exclaimed, "You're so great, Summer! I have an idea. You don’t make up with Leonardo and come to live with me. I've saved a lot of money now and I can buy you a luxurious house!"

Summer knew Jessica started to save money. Summer was surprised to learn that Jessica, who was once a big spender, started saving money.

"I remember you’ve said that you are saving the money for old age?" Summer teased her.

At that time, Jessica had said that she might not get married in this lifetime, so she had to save her pension early. When she was old enough and couldn't walk, she would lie at home and spend her money at will.

"What are you talking about? It might be possible for me to die early." Jessica had an indifferent expression.

Summer turned around and saw Carl, who appeared in the hall before everyone knew. Summer glanced at Jessica and said to Carl, "You are here."

Carl strode over with a toy box in his hand. Without looking at Jessica, he walked straight to Summer and asked, "Where is Rosie?"

"Upstairs." Summer pointed upstairs.

Carl put the toy box aside and said, "I'll go see her.copy right hot novel pub