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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 897 Forgive Him

Summer walked to Rosie, squatted down and looked at her. Then she smoothed Rosie's hair and said, "Go change clothes first."

"OK." Rosie scratched her head.

Summer pushed Rosie back into her room and turned around to look at Bruce. Before she spoke, Bruce said, "You take care of Rosie. I'm fine."

After Summer helped Rosie wash up, she came out and saw Bruce still sitting on the sofa. Bruce was looking at his phone.

Hearing the noise behind him, he turned to look at Summer and Rosie.

"Uncle Bruce." Rosie had run towards Bruce. As soon as she ran over, she climbed onto the sofa beside Bruce.

Bruce moved aside to make way for Rosie. He even stretched out his arm slightly to let Rosie hold it.

Summer planned to cook breakfast. But now that Rosie had gotten up, she had no time to cook at all, so she decided to dine out.

After breakfast, Summer took Rosie back to Leonardo's villa. Summer and Rosie had lived there before, so there was no need to buy anything else. Moreover, the furnishings in the room remained the same. Even the servants and bodyguards were still the same. When Summer stood in the hall of the villa, she felt everything was not real.

Rosie had lived here for a long time and was quite familiar with it. As soon as she entered, she walked around and went to play with others.

Bruce helped them carry stuff and drove them over. As soon as the car stopped, bodyguards came forward to help. Soon, Bruce left again.copy right hot novel pub