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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 894 No Bath Towel for Men

Leonardo chuckled, "You have a hotter temper than before."

Summer shot him a cold glance, but Leonardo smiled. The next second, he suddenly bent down and carried Summer up, and walked straight into her bedroom.

"Leonardo!" Summer was shocked by him and struggled to get down.

Leonardo held her tightly with his long arms. And he didn't let go no matter how hard Summer struggled.

He said calmly, "Keep your voice down. You will wake Rosie up."

Summer fell silent for a moment. Leonardo took advantage of this and carried Summer into the bedroom.

When he entered, he closed the door behind him and placed Summer on the sofa in the bedroom.

Summer, who was placed on the sofa, heaved a sigh of relief. Fortunately, she wasn't put on bed. Summer blushed when she realized what she was thinking about.

What was she doing? Luckily, Leonardo had gone to the bathroom to get a hairdryer.

When Summer was lost in her thought, Leonardo came out with a hairdryer and decided to dry her hair.

This man was always so domineering. Summer felt a little indignant, so she did not cooperate and kept moving.

At first, Leonardo endured that.copy right hot novel pub