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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 892 Don't You Feel Touched?

Summer did not know what Leonardo was thinking. To him, it wouldn't be boring to do anything as long as he did it with her.

Seeing that Summer didn't want to talk to him, Leonardo tilted his head to look at Summer seriously. "I have a plan to buy the Jarrett Group and it is most cost-effective and time-saving. Do you want to hear it?"

Summer was slightly shocked. Leonardo even knew she was planning to buy the Jarrett Group. Even though Leonardo did not appear in front of her, he was still paying attention to her at all times.

"Aren't you very busy? How can you know this?" Summer asked him.

Leonardo leaned back and said, "Whatever I want to know, I will always try my best to know it."

Summer raised her eyebrows and did not say anything. She had also tried to find out where Leonardo lived. However, she discovered that it was impossible for her to find Leonardo after a period of time.

She didn't know where he lived, but he knew everything about her. She felt like that she was controlled by Leonardo at all times.

"Don't you feel touched?" Leonardo was very serious. He thought that Summer would be touched if he said that. But Summer only smiled faintly and said, "I do."

Leonardo reached out and touched her face. He said, "You are lying."

Summer slapped his hand away and looked at him coldly.copy right hot novel pub