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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 891 Less Gullible than Before

Leonardo held Summer intimately. He loved her so much.

Summer was moved. She gradually relaxed and leaned against Leonardo without saying a word.

After a while, she asked Leonardo, "Where have you been living recently?"

Summer originally thought that Leonardo would not tell her, but he replied, "At home."

After that, he added, "I'm usually very busy, but as long as I have time, I'll go home."

Summer looked down at him and the doubts in her eyes were obvious. Leonardo smiled slightly and kissed Summer on her lips. Summer subconsciously dodged, but her head was held by Leonardo, so she could not escape. Summer did this subconsciously.

She had been separated from Leonardo for a long time. Although they met each other several times, there was already barrier between them.

They did love each other, but the problems that needed to be solved remained to be solved. Since they have these things between them, Summer could not hug or kiss Leonard like before.

Leonardo seemed to be irritated about her dodging. He paused slightly, stared at Summer for seconds and then he leaned over again.

Summer knew what Leonardo was going to do, so she turned her head in anticipation of his action. However, Leonardo held her waist and pressed her onto the sofa.

Their positions were reversed. Summer was clasped around her waist and unable to move her hands.copy right hot novel pub