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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 890 I Really Want to See You

Leonard was the same as before, wearing a neatly tailored suit, with a distinctly outlined face and sharp eyes.

He walked over and first touched Rosie's head, then sat down beside Summer.

Rosie looked at Leonard, then looked at Summer, then jumped off the sofa, put on her shoes and ran out.

Her movements were very quick and neat, as if she had practiced them many times.

When Rosie went out, Jessica said outside, "Summer, I'll take Rosie out for a walk. Take your time and have a chat."

After she finished speaking, Jessica closed the door.

Summer did not expect to see Leonard here. Only she and Leonard were left in the room.

Leonard first broke the silence and asked, "Have you seen Karen?"

Summer looked up at him with a faint surprise in her eyes. How did Leonard know that she had seen Karen?

"She is nothing to us. Don't care what she does. Do whatever you want. If you need, I can help you deal with it." Leonard said faintly, with an extremely natural intimacy.

Summer was stunned for a moment, "You suddenly came to see me, just to talk about her?"

Karen did have some influence on Summer. Until now, Karen did not feel that she had done anything wrong. She didn't think that what she had done to Summer was too much.

What made Summer feel sad was that she had been so sad because of Karen, but Karen felt that she had done nothing wrong. This upset Summer.

"No." Leonard denied, and said seriously, "Just because I really want to see you."

Hearing Leonard's words, Summer froze for a moment. Then, she chuckled, "Is that true?"

It's uneasy to tell from her tone how she felt. Leonard knew what Summer was thinking.

He grabbed Summer's hand.copy right hot novel pub