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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 887 Not Everyone Can Be Forgiven

Listening to the conversation between Karen and Spencer, Summer felt she was watching a show. It was quite interesting. There was even an increase in her appetite.

Spencer and Karen were focused on talking, without paying attention to the meals. Therefore, when Summer was stuffed, while both of them hardly ate.

"I'm full and will go back first." Summer was about to leave after taking a sip of water. Tim also stood up to follow her.

Seeing this, Spencer and Karen became anxious.

"Summer, don't leave in a hurry. Shall we discuss this again?" Fearing that Summer would leave, Spencer quickly stopped her.

"It's getting late. I have other things to do and have to go home."

What Summer said was true. In the afternoon, Jessica was free, so she came to the company and took Rosie out. Now she had to meet Jessica. Moreover, this time, she did not intend to stop like this, because Karen crossed the line.

"Summer!" Summer turned around and was about to walk out when she heard a bang behind her.

It was a dull sound. Summer was stunned for a moment.

She turned around, only to see Karen kneeling a step away from her, who was looking at her imploringly.copy right hot novel pub